Automatic Motor Movers EM305


The flagship Emove EM305 features increased power over the other caravan movers in the range – plus all the advanced Emove features including electric engage at the press of a button – no bending down needed – oversize alloy rollers and all-season protection – the perfect mover for the larger caravan or the steeper driveway

The Emove 305 is the ultimate caravan mover enjoying all the benefits of the EM303A with its electric-engage and adding increased power.

If you have a twin-axle caravan or single-axle caravan weighing over 1800kg and don’t want to be restricted where you use it then this is the mover for you. The EM305 is the super-power champion of the caravan mover range: it keeps going when the rest have given up and thrown in the towel.

If you live on the side of a mountain or love holidaying on one – the EM305 is the caravan mover for you!

Emove display dash handset giving caravan overload and low battery indicators
Electric engage dual roller engagement.
E-Cover all season protection for motor and engagement
Over size Alloy rollers
Suitable for single or twin axle caravans (use 2 movers for full directional control on a twin axle)
E coating paint work and full cover
Includes soft start/stop technology for accurate and shockproof maundering

Safe Working Load: 2450 kg Tarmac /2000kg Sand and Gravel. (2 motors) on the flat
Incline: Capable of moving 1750kg up 18% slope
Total weight: 34kg including fittings